Let Seasons and Celebrations Inspire Love Offerings

Saint Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us – what could easily be considered the numero uno holiday for romantic gesturing and offering in the U.S.  But the reality is that most of our actions of affection do not have the luxury of having a holiday happening at the same time.  Your anniversary may be in summer, a birthday may be in fall, and a proposal may occur in spring.

If you’re short on inspiration when it comes to your particular love offering for a specific occasion for that special someone, look to the season you’re in and the celebrations around you to get some ideas.  A harsh winter that just so happens to coincide with a 20th anniversary, for example, can be highlighted with a cool blue steel watch for your husband.  Or a young man may focus on emerald engagement rings with Saint Patrick’s Day close at-hand (assuming his would-be finance’s blood comes from the Emerald Isle.)

While the motivation behind a chosen love offering or gesture should always be found in the relationship itself, it does not hurt to look elsewhere in order to zero-in on the perfect gift.  After all we are not all experts when it comes to the “perfect” present for somebody, even if that person is our significant other.  Some people, even those we are most intimate with, are sometimes difficult to read.  In such times, it’s a smart strategy to look for auxiliary inspiration in the form of the world around you.

To conceal a lacking imagination and a failure to come up with the “perfect” present, look around you for ideas.  Combine what you know about the person you love with the sights, sounds, and celebrations of the time, and you’re certain to give a gift or make a gesture that will never be forgotten.

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