Monthly Archives: January 2012

Make People You Don’t Know Laugh

Comedy is a gift. Laughter is said to be the best medicine (except for extreme cases which make the asthmatics suffer). Without humor life will be miserable. While a smile can be contagious, a silent laughter can also be especially when shared using funny tee shirts.

Imagine walking with yours on. People you meet will notice what you are wearing. People whom you do not know may also be able to see your shirt. Oftentimes, shirts with printed messages are read, even secretly. If you do not know the wearer, there is that tendency when you will throw glances on the shirt just to read what it’s saying without actually being noticed. That’s when the silent laughter begins.

Thank Your Bridesmaids

During the time a couple prepares to be wed, the bride-to-be handpicks her bridesmaids. They are special. They are the ones often the best friends of the soon-to-be bride. They are there for the purpose of helping with the event and not merely prancing down the aisle for display. They are the ones to help the bride during the occasion, with fixing up whatever needed fixing or decorating or just doing the thinking so that the bride will not care about it during that time. That usually happens after the ceremony and during the reception. Just the mere taking care of the guests will be appreciated much by the couple. As a couple, you have been gifted. After the wedding, is it not just fit that you also give out your unique bridesmaid gifts to say thank you?

Quality Control

When you are in the business of production, it can sometimes be frustrating when damaged good get to your consumer.

That is because you invest in state of the art machinery and equipment with the best. You hire people to monitor quality control. But in the end, damaged wares still find its way in the market.

Why? That is the fault of material handling. No matter the care, there will be damages while the goods are in transit and while being handled by personnel. That is part of business and owners will just have to count them as loss. And the cost of which will be shouldered by consumers.