Monthly Archives: November 2011

Time To Be Thankful

With Thanksgiving and Christmas upon us there is no better time to remember to be thankful for what you’ve got in life. It’s so easy to get stressed out or bitter because maybe you can’t afford awesome gifts like prepaid cell phones for the whole family! It’s too often we forget the incredible and natural gifts of life we’ve been blessed with and the opportunities we have been given. Unfortunately a lot of times it’s easier to be unhappy and self-pitying, forgetting how many things had to go right just for us to exist at all. I’m thankful for my wonderful family and my freedom to do the things I want in life, like blogging and communicating with so many wonderful people. What are you thankful for?

If you can’t think of anything you need to think harder. Think about your family. There are many people in the world who don’t have any family at all, no one to lean on, no one to talk to about their troubles. If you’ve got that in your life, you’re already blessed. Everything after that is just extra toppings on an already delicious cake. Sorry, this time of year also makes me start thinking about pies and deserts!

Speaking of food, do you get to eat three hot meals a day? Yes? Then wipe that frown off your face. Not that you should feel guilty about it, but people all around the world are suffering starvation and malnutrition. If you get to eat nice meals and have access to clean water sources, you’ve got it pretty good. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, someone who might not even own shoes—life could be a lot worse.

If you’ve got a job, there’s something to really be thankful for. Millions of Americans and people all across the world are unemployed right now and by no choice of their own. Unemployment can lead to poor self esteem, tough financial situations, and a very sad holiday season. If you’re gainfully employed you should thank your lucky stars, people. Seriously!

So there you have it, at least three reasons why you should be thankful this time of year. Remember, if you put good energy out in the world it will come back in time. So even if you truly don’t have many things to be thankful for, keep your head held high and do the best you can.

Looking Good, Feeling Good

For years now I have been suffering from my bad eyesight. I do not have enough tears to wet my eyes that my dry eyes hurt. With the kind of work that I have, I am doing more strain to my eyes more than they can take. I need a pair of glasses for women that will help in lessening the strain for my eyes. With less strain, I have the opportunity to work more. I can finish my tasks which tend to get delayed because of my hurting eyes.

I also need a pair that will help me to look good. I will go for Eye glass frames that look simple yet classy. It will just be right for my simple life yet will give me the confidence for projecting a classy image. I may just be usually at home doing my online work but I also go out, meet with other bloggers, do my shopping and have fun with the kids. I also have an offline life, you know.

When I look good, at the same feel good, who knows what better things I can do? I have abused myself too much already. It is time I do something good for myself as well. My children are still young and I am sure they needed me well this time while they are growing up. For me to be able to do that effectively, I have to take care of myself. I want to see them able to be independent before I become useless for them. I do not want to add to the unnecessary cares they might have if I neglect what a good mother should do. If I go blind sooner than later, they will be the ones to harvest the bad effects of my neglect. That, I do not want to happen.

Rush Quality Printing Possible

Technology has really made speed a capital advantage. It used to be that when you wanted to have a quality printed material like a brochure, a magazine, newspaper, annual, etc., you will have to wait at least several weeks at the earliest to be able to see the result. Layouting has been done the old fashioned way like cut and paste, literally, with a pair of scissors and clear tape. Even when computers existed already, there were not softwares to handle the layouting, hence the cut and paste with scissors and clear tape.

Now, not only is the possibility of getting your orders the next day feasible but it is done with quality. What good is speed if your have your booklet printing an eyesore when read? What does this mean? If you have a business and you rely on printed materials, when you run out of them, it is easy to have them reprinted. You do not have to wait so long a time. If you were suddenly tasked to take care of calling cards in your company, that will be pretty easy. If you just had an event like the PMC Grand Eyeball, with that kind of printing company, it will be easy to develop the event’s coffee table book as a souvenir. Each of the members who attended the event will be able to have their copy in a couple of days! It will keep the excitement on 7th heaven. That is, if that is available in the Philippines. That is possible, though, for those in the USA. Good for you!

While going paperless is a good plan for the future, I don’t think it will be gone totally. There are still a lot of things better seen on print and not just digitally visible but on paper.