Monthly Archives: September 2011

Family Prayer

My husband, my three children and I watched a movie called Pandorum, a science fiction thriller film. I have a lot of tasks due but I stopped working and so as my husband (from playing). We watched the movie as our bonding time with the children.

After the movie was over, I was surprised that my husband called me up. He said we are going to pray as a family. We held each other hands. Since Bella was already asleep, I held her foot while her older sister grabbed her hands and then we prayed. We took turns; Johann first, then Micah, me and then my husband.

After praying, we kissed the children good night. My husband went to his station to play his favorite online games and then me, here, at my work station. As I type… I kept thinking… my husband was different today and I thank God for another miracle in our marriage!

A Heartwarming Thank You

Now that the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2011 writing project has ended, I would like to thank all those who supported me and this blog. From the very supportive moms of Pinay Mommies Community, the ever fun ladies of Filipina Bloggers United and others who voted outside from the communities to which I belong to (I was really surprised, promise!), thank you so very very much!!!! Win or lose, I know deep inside that I am already a winner in your hearts and that alone is making me happy to the fullest!!!


Here are the links to all bloggers who voted for me:

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If your blog post is not on the list, please leave a comment and will surely update this post and add it. Again, thank you so very much!!! :D