Monthly Archives: May 2011

Just Want to Remember…

Yesterday, I asked my dad if he is going to the heart of the city. He asked me why… I said I am going postcard hunting. So, he replied OK, will do it after lunch.

Then after lunch came… my dad and I went out riding his motorcycle. In my mind, I was expecting he would just leave me behind but I was wrong. He was my official private transport and he drove me around the city looking for postcards which took us four hours!!!

Anyway, I just want to blog about this because I want to remember that my dad was also there for me even in my vanity – postcards!!

I love you Papa!

Smiled So BIG Today!!

A few weeks ago, I saw at my Facebook feeds that Marz Iris was tagged at Bulinggit Corner’s picture that showcased Plants vs Zombies plush toys. After seeing PvsZ plush toys, I immediately inquired about it and showed my intent to buy them.

At first, I had problems with having BDO funds since I don’t have an account with them but after a few days she announced that she is accepting Globe GCASH! But when she said that she told me that those cute Plant vs Zombies plush toys were out of stock, thus I have to wait.

Then after a few days, she tagged me with the new plush toys that are also members of the Plant vs Zombies group but still I showed my intent that I wanted the old ones. So the owner of Bulinggit Corner told me to have patience and wait.

And then today came, I was shocked to receive a package and I have no idea where it came from. But when I opened it, I smiled so BIG that my children were telling me that “Mama is not sharing!” Why? Because I hugged all the Plant vs Zombies plush toys I received from Mommy Jes as a Mother’s Day present!!! And since she is in the US, she enlisted the participation of my Marz Iris and the store owner Mhei.

Mommy Jes, thank you so much! You really made my day despite all the things that happened in my life. I love you so much!!! Marz Iris and Sis Mhei, thanks for cooperating! I am so happy to the max!!!